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Rhokana Engineering (pyt) Ltd. is a mechanical engineering company based in South Africa. Here we are the trusted sole providers of an innovative pipe repair solution 'Technowrap'.

As a proud part of the ever-growing network of partnerships with ICR Integrity Ltd  and Walker Technical we will endeavor to provide you with ever advancing solutions for your business needs. 


Not only does our company provide validated engineering composite pipe repairs,  we also offer broad and indispensable range of products and services to cater to many industrial and professional requirements.With a collective service history of well over 30 years, we can apply a wealth of experience with unparalleled insight into industrial-scale problems. 

Walker Technical Resources Ltd. 
walker technical.jpg

Manufacturers of carbon fiber and glass composite wrap for industrial repair applications (Technowrap). The Company provides customized solutions to integrity management problems related to pipelines, piping systems, structures, caissons, risers, and vessels. Walker Technical Resources serves the oil & gas, engineering, and maritime industries.

ICR Ltd. 

A global maintenance and integrity company for oil and gas, power, chemical, nuclear and defence sectors. They are experts in pipeline and structural maintenance, integrity, corrosion and repair solutions, offering a more integrated and efficient approach to asset integrity management. 

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