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Technowrap™ composite repair consists of fibers reinforced with an epoxy resin. There are three types of epoxy resins available and their selection is based on the overall design conditions and installation temperature of a repair.

We deliver repairs on:

  • Piping Systems

  • Structures

  • Vessels & Tanks

  • Splashzone & Subsea

  • Pipelines

The repairs are wet lay-up systems applied on site delivering the following benefits:

  • Lightweight - ease of handling and transportation

  • Corrosion resistant - no maintenance

  • Can be applied live - no shutdown

  • Requires no hot work permit - ease of installation

  • Requires minimal onsite facilities - simplicity of installation

  • Hand applied - can be applied to any geometry of component, flexibility of application

  • Can be applied in confined spaces - range of application

We also offer:

Affordable polyurethane, water activated pipe wrapping kits for low-pressure application and temporary fixes.

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