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rhokana artisan hire 

We would like to introduce you to Rhokana Staffing Solutions, concentrating on artisan and labour hire. We place skilled and thoroughly screened personnel, temporary or permanent in companies at a very competitive rate. Staff outsourcing is also our specialty, enabling companies to engage workforce dependant to the workload. We are committed to providing a high-quality supply on demand service.


Our company was established in March 1995, initially concentrating on outsourcing artisans and management. We have now extended our services to support the need for Administrative & Medical staff. Since January 1996 the main focus of the company has been to further develop the greater KwaZulu Natal and surrounding markets. We have since managed to supply staff as far as Gabon, Nigeria, Zambia, Congo, Mozambique, and Libya.

we provide placement of temporary and permanent staff for a wide range of professional industries


what we do

At Rhokana Staffing Solutions, one of our specialities is enabling  your company to engage a work force dependant to the work load, relieving companies of obligations for permanent staff.

We bring an ease to any company benefitting you with:

no administration costs

All administration functions relating to staff supplied by Rhokana, issues such as discipline and accidents occurring on the site, are the responsibility of Rhokana Staffing Solutions

no payroll problems

There is no need for the client to set up a monthly or weekly payroll. The client can be invoiced on a weekly or monthly basis for actual hours worked only. Rhokana will ensure payment of bonuses, leave pay and notice pay to staff supplied, takes place as per the Basic Conditions of the Employment Act. Rhokana also offers a payroll service, where they are not responsible for the H.R. responsibilities, at a negotiated rate.

no contractural obligation to workforce

With compliance to the current laws, any staff members contracted are employees of Rhokana Staffing Solutions and as such, all responsibility within the legal restrictions will be applied and handled by Rhokana Staffing Solutions.

staffing solutions 

We understand and recognize that there are unique requirements within specific industries aadopted a flexible approach and are committed to providing an excellent level of quality and services. We know that people are assets to any business and we undertake to provide the very best.



  • Thorough screening of candidates and possible recruits to ensure the best-qualified person for the position.

  • Supplying on demand skilled personnel of all disciplines at market related and competitive rates.

  • We provide on-call, 24 hour service.


skilled personal

  • We provide skilled personnel such as engineers, draughtsman, and artisans. 

  • As representatives of Rhokana, our staff are all qualified and experienced within the engineering field; able to understand and discuss any issues experienced at the factory floor level.



  • Admin Personnel

  • Office Personnel

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